2018 Workshop on Urban Planning and Management (Feb. 6th, Kanazawa)


Spatial Planning System in Asian Countries(Virtual Conference)


Spatial planning is aimed at handling the problem of coordination or integration of the spatial dimension of sectoral policies through a territorially-based strategy. To some extent, Spatial planning is an integration of policy packages. In this workshop we concern about the spatial planning system, which means the organization of the spatial policies. Spatial planning system in different countries are various, for it always closely related to the institutional and cultural context. But we think that no matter which country it is, there might be some basic common regulations in organizing different aspects of spatial policies. And through this workshop, we hope we can come up with some theories to explain the system. What’s more, because of the geographical and cultural similarity, spatial planning system in Asian countries may have more commonalities to talk about. So the 2018 workshop on urban planning and management is named “Spatial Planning System in Asian Countries”. We would like to invite scholars around Asian, to provide an international forum for exchanging ideas and information on current studies, challenges, research results, framework developments and practical experiences in this field, and to develop the discussion on theories of spatial planning system.




Prof. Zhenjiang Shen, Kanazawa University


Offline Conference Room

AV Hall, -1 Floor, Natural Science & Technology Library,1F, Kanazawa Universiy


Online Live Room



Workshop Program


09:30– 09:40     OPENING SPEACH     Prof. Zhenjiang SHEN


09:40 – 09:45      Junzhe Wan, Tsinghua University

The exploration on How to Lead the Transformation of Small and Medium-Sized Cities by Integration of Multi-Planning: One Case Study of Jieshou City, Anhui Province, China 

10:00 – 10:15      Wanting Hsu, Tsinghua University

A Study on the Conflicts and Solutions between the Disaster Prevention and Response Plan and the Urban Planning in Taiwan: Case Study of Taipei

10:20 - 10:35      Rifai Mardin, Kanazawa University,

Urban Planning in Indonesia : A review on procedural mechanism

10:40 - 10:55     Wenyue Li, Tsinghua University

Power Law or Triangle Law? City size Distribution of Sub-National Leveled Administrative Regions in China

11:00 - 11:15     Endratno Budi Santosa, National Institute of Technology,

Space and Cultural Contestation in Mount Bromo Tourism Development

11:20 - 11:35     Arief Hidayat, Tokyo University of Science, 

Determine Non-Passenger Data from WiFi Scanner Data (MAC Address)

11:40 - 11:55      Wei Zuo, Tsinghua University

Polarizing or Flattening? A preliminary Study on the Regional Distribution of e-Commerce: Cases of Jing-Jin-Ji Region & Jiang-Zhe-Hu Region

12:00 - 12:15     Jing Zhou, Planning Institute of China Center for Urban Development

Co-exist or Integration? Discussing the Spatial Planning Reform of China from the Perspective of Central-Local Relation






Please contact with

Mr. ADE Candra Masrul, Kanazawa University

TEL: +81-90-9766-9775

e-mail: ade.cdr@gmail.com


Mr. RIFAI Mardin, Kanazawa University

TEL: +81-90-8266-5873

e-mail: rifaimardin@gmail.com


Steering Program Committees

Mr.  Ade Candra Masrul, Kanazawa University

Mr.  Chongshen Xu, Kanazawa University

Ms. Jiaohua Cheng, Kanazawa University

Ms. Meng Zhou, Chongqing University

Ms. Nichmon Puansang, Prince of Songkla University

Mr.  Ninglong You, Kanazawa University

Ms. Nurul Aini, Kanazawa University

Ms. Puteri Fitriaty, Kanazawa University

Mr.  Rifai Mardin, Kanazawa University

Mr.  Wei Zuo, Tsinghua University

Ms. Wenyue Li, Tsinghua University

Ms. Xiao Guo, Fuzhou University

Mr.  Yuze Dan, Kanazawa University



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