2022 International Workshop on Urban Planning and Management, Kanazawa, Japan (Jan 10-11, 2022)

Smart city construction and Digital Governance


Planning and developing smart cities have become a global effort. The development of smart cities is important to improving the level of sustainability of cities and is critical for promoting cities’ inclusive growth and sustainable development. Rapid developments in the new generation of information and communication technologies, including big data, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, have significantly changed how people understand urban economy, society, culture, ecology, security, infrastructure, and space. 


   2022 International Workshop will be held on Jan 10th-11th in Sophia University Japan. Multi-disciplinary scholars and PhD candidates who are studying in Japan in the fields including but not limited to urban studies, spatial planning, geography, architecture, social science, and information science worldwide are warmly welcomed to attend this workshop.

Dr. HUANG Guangwei

Chair of SPSD 2022 Workshop

Professor, Sophia University

Dr. XING Jian

Chair of SPSD2022 Workshop

Director, Nippon Expressway Company Limited

Dr. SHEN Zhenjiang

Chair of SPSD2022 Workshop

Professor, Kanazawa University

Program of SPSD 2022 Workshop on Jan 10-11

14:00-17:30 Jan 10 : SPSD Symposium





SON Nguyen Thien

Hydrological modeling for a river basin in Vietnam



Design guideline for smart household multimedia room


YUE Sinan

Design Guidelines for Smart Perception Space Scenes in Underground Space —Take the smart tunnel as an example


LEI Ruolan

Comparison of Decentralization in  National Land Use Planning Formulation in Japan and the Netherlands


GUO Xiao

Development of Smart Pedestrian Crossing to Assist Mobility and Visually Impaired




SONG Tingting


TENG Riendy 

Economic valuation of wetland function in disaster reduction 


Comparison of Rural Planning Compilation and 


Comprehensive Land Improvement

9:00-12:00 Jan 11 Joint seminar for Kanazawa University in Sophia