2018 International Workshop on Urban Planning and Management, Toyota, Japan (May 25-26, 2018)


This workshop aims to discuss various methods and applications of transportation-oriented urban planning for achieving sustainable development. We are glad to invite you, especially young researchers to contribute to this workshop by presenting your recent research achievements. This year, a particular emphasis is placed on transportation-oriented urban planning and management. After this workshop, selected papers presented at the workshop will be published in the journal of International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development (IRSPSD International) as a special issue, which is Scopus-indexed to have a rigorous peer review procedure with the aim of rapid and wide dissemination of research outcomes. 



Some topics welcomed by the workshop include but are not limited to:

lTransportation-Oriented Urban Planning

lSustainable Transportation Planning

lGreen Mobility

lSustainable Environment and Energy Policies



Toyota Transportation Research Institute (TTRI), Japan


Author Guidelines:

Paper submission and review process is conducted in the following forms.


1) Full paper submission

This workshop requires authors to submit a 2-page abstract (A4 size) including the title, list of authors, a brief summary and a list of 3-6 keywords before the abstract submission deadline. Authors can update the above information when submitting the full paper. The paper should follow the format given in the paper template. The excellent full papers presented in this workshop will be published in the journal of IRSPSD International.


2) Abstract only

A submission could be done with a 2-page abstract (A4 size) including the title, list of authors, a brief summary and a list of 3-6 keywords before the abstract submission deadline. The main text is not required.


Paper submission: 

email to: spsdws2018@ttri.or.jp


Important date:

December 15, 2017 – Deadline for abstract submission

January 15, 2018 – Notification of presentation acceptance

March 15, 2018 - Deadline for submission of full papers


Secretary General:

Secretary General:

Dr. Yasuhiro Mimura, TTRI

E-mail: mimura@ttri.or.jp    Tel: +81-565-31-7543    FAX: +81-565-31-9888


Template file for proceedings
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Registration Deadline May, 7

For Registration
Please fulfill the form below and send by e-mail to spsdws2018@ttri.or.jp before May. 7th. 2018
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Workshop Venue

Toyota Industry and Culture Center


Transportation Access


From NAGOYA Station:

Nagoya Station (Subway-Higashiyama Line(For Fujigaoka) - Fushimi Station(Transfer Subway-Tsurumai Line(For Toyotashi)) - Toyotashi Station (7 minutes on foot)


From Centrair Japan Intl Airport:


Centrair Japan Intl Airport Station(Meitetsu-Kuko Limited Express) -    

Jingu-Mae Station(Transfer Meitetsu Rapid-Limited Express (For Toyohashi) - Chiryu Station(Transfer Meitetsu-Mikawa Line (For Sanage))

- Toyotashi Station



Chubu Centrair Airport Limousine[Toyota] (For Toyotashi Eki)- Toyotashi Station





We will offer a fascinating technical tour to SPSD-WS participants.


Linimo is the only magnetic levitation linear motor car in Japan. You can experience this wonder of technology and enjoy a comfortable ride. In this technical tour, we can bring you to the Linimo's vehicle base and introduce sophisticated vehicle technology about magnetic levitation linear motor car.

The Toyota Automobile Museum was opened in 1989 in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Toyota Motor Corporation. The main exhibits at the Toyota Automobile Museum are about 160 vehicles from around the world. The purpose of this museum is to present the history of the automobile in a more approachable manner, and to show how the interaction between Japanese and foreign carmakers stimulated and accelerated the evolution of the auto industry throughout the world. 

You can see the important information about the tour as below.


Date: May 26, 2018

Participation cost: Included in registration fee

Site to visit: Linimo (magnetic levitation linear motor car) base and Toyota automobile museum


Minimum participants: 5 people

Maximum participants: 20 people


Deadline date to participate: March 15, 2018

Participating contact: spsdws2018@ttri.or.jp





Chartered bus picks up at Toyotashi station


Chartered bus arrives Linimo base


Observing Linimo base


Taking Linimo train from Tojishiryokan-minami station to Geidai-dori station


Observing Toyota automobile museum

-          Lunch is available at museum restaurant on yourself

-          English guide tour is available


Breaking up the technical tour

-          Chartered bus is available to come back to Toyotashi station

Linimo website http://www.linimo.jp/en/index.php

Toyota automobile museum website http://www.toyota.co.jp/Museum/english/


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