No1 - 2016 Workshop on Urban Planning and Management (Feb.15-17 , 2016 Kanazawa)

Big data and Application for Urban Planning

Many disciplines, including the economic and social sciences and (digital) humanities, have taken up Big Data for research. We convene this workshop to interrogate and unpack how Big Data figure in the urban planning and management for smart city. The concept of smart city is suggested as a new style of city for providing sustainable growth and encouraging healthy economic activities to reduce the burden on the environment while improving the QoL (Quality of Life) of city residents. In the background of big data era, this workshop will give a chance for researchers to share their experiences and ideas with each other for computational and data-driven techniques to the challenge of intelligent urban planning and design. Specifically we are interested in exploring new perspectives about how to use the Big Data to support urban planning and management based on multi-disciplinary perspectives across disciplines and many practical projects.


Guest Speakers

De WANG,     Prof. Tongji University

Yanwei CHAI,   Prof.  Peking University

Yungang LIU, Prof.  Sun Yat-sen University

Kenichi SUGIHARA, Prof. Gifu Keizai University

Xuan WAN,   Prof.  Southwest Transportation University

Dong XIA,      CEO, GWsolar & Liushang Inc.



  • Social complex network analysis using Big Data
  • Urban function and structure analysis using Big Data
  • Human mobility and transportation using Big Data
  • Spatial and temporal analysis of urban structure using Big Data
  • Fractal or scaling analysis of urban form using Big Data
  • No limit to the above Topics


Important information


Dates:             Submission deadline for abstract: June 15, 2015

                       Submission deadline for full paper: December 15, 2015

                       Workshop  – February 15-16, 2016

                       Kanazawa City Excursion – February 17, 2016

Submmision:    email to:


This year, the submissions to this workshop will be reviewed for a book published with a famous publisher in the world.  Authors will receive feedback on their presentations and papers peer-reviewed by Professors at participating universities.



Prof. Zhenjiang SHEN, Kanazawa University

Vice Chairman

Prof. Mitsuhiko, KAWAKAMI, Kanazawa university

Prof. Guangwei HUANG, Sophia University


Scientific committees

Prof. HONJYO, Tsuyoshi, Chiba University

Prof. PAI, Jen-te, Chengchi university

Dr. YE,  Kyunrock, LEARN, Chiba University


Steering Program Committees

Mr. Miaoyi LI, Kanazawa University
Mr. Zhuo LIU, Kanazawa University
Mr. Hangyu CHEN, Kanazawa University
Mr. Thanh Nguyen, Kanazawa University
Ms. Puteri Fitriaty, Kanazawa University
Ms. Xinyi LIN, Kanazawa University
Mr. Ninglong YOU, Kanazawa University



Mr. Miaoyi LI



For Registration

Please contact Mr. Miaoyi LI.


Workshop Program (Feb. 16, 2016)






Opening Speech:

Prof. Kawakami and Prof. Zhenjiang SHEN,

Kanazawa University

Recent research activities in SPSD community

9:40 -10:05

Keynote Speakers

Generalized Building Polygon Partitioning for Automatic

Generation of 3-D Building Models

Prof. Kenichi SUGIHARA, Gifu Keizai University

10:05 – 10:30

Spatial dynamic analysis of shanghai population based

on mobile signaling data

Prof. De WANG, Tongji University

10:30 10:55

Coffee Break

10:55 – 11:20

Keynote Speakers

Towards Mobility Turn in Urban Planning: Smart Travel

Planning Based on Space-Time Behavior in Beijing,


Prof. Yanwei CHAI, Peking University

11:20 – 11:45

Redefinition the social space based on social atlas

analysis-a case study of Dongguan, China

Prof. Yungang LIU, Sun Yat-sen University

11:45 – 12:45

Lunch Break

12:45 – 13:10

Keynote Speakers

Innovation morphology and functional integration of Medical devices

Prof. Xuan WAN, Southwest Jiaotong University

13:10 – 13:35

Technology and Application of HEMS(Home Energy

Management System)

Mr. Dong XIA, CEO, GWsolar & Liushang Inc.

13:35 14:00



 Graph-Aided Stated Choice Experiment For Cyclists’

Travel Environment Preferences: Case Study In

Shanghai, China

Dr. Wei ZHU, Tongji University

14:00 14:10

Understanding the space-time structure of urban activity space based

on the cell phone signaling data: a case study of Shanghai

Ms. Weijing ZHONG, Tongji University

14:10 14:20

Introduce of "Ring Southwest Jiaotong University" Wisdom City

Dr. Xiaofei XU, Southwest Jiaotong University

14:20 14:30

Potential for the implementation of LID-RHS in high rise residential

community, a case study in Fuzhou, China

Ms. Xinyi LIN, Kanazawa University

14:30 14:40

Study on Natural Children’s play space

Dr. Liying TANG, Southwest Jiaotong University

14:40 14:50

Using Mobile Phone Signaling Data to Identify the Commuting

Characteristics Of Commuter in Typical Employment Areas In Shanghai:

Case Study in ZhangjiangJinqiao and Lujiazui

Ms. Jingling TIAN, Tongji University

14:50 15:00

Space and Image Transformation for Old Food Factory

Dr. Zheng GUO, Southwest Jiaotong University

15:00 15:10

Analyzing The Shopping Behavior and Evaluating Spatial Allocation of

Commercial Facilities Using Mobile Signaling Data

: The Case of Shanghai

Mr. Dongcan XIE, Tongji University

15:10 15:20

The Optimization Model of Bicycle-sharing Dispatch System -Xinyi

Dist. Taipei City

Ms. Pinyi LIU, National Chengchi University

15:20 15:30

Research on the Design of Mobile Guide System in Commercial


Dr. Ning LU, Southwest Jiaotong University

15:30 15:50

Coffee Break

15:50 16:00

Taobao Villages in HainingZhejiang Province

Mr. Xin WANG, Tongji University

16:00 16:10

Passive Design and Energy Management System(EMS) Role in achieving

Energy Efficient Residential Building in moderate climate of Kanazawa City

Ms. Puteri Fitriaty, Kanazawa University

16:10 16:20

Influence of Internet Digital Media Technology on Design

Dr. Kaizhu FANG, Southwest Jiaotong University

16:20 16:30

The Authenticity of Urban Places in the Areas that New Economic

Industry Clustered——a Case Study in the Inner city of Tokyo

Ms. Xinyue GAN, Tsinghua University

16:30 16:40

Cognition: An Empirical Study Based on Multi-Source Data and Multiple


Ms. Baoxin ZHAI, Tongji University

16:40 16:50

Research on Smartphone APP Interface Visual Design  Based on User


Dr. Bin FENG, Southwest Jiaotong University

16:50 17:00

Solar power energy management in Japan

Mr. Yuanhe GAO, Beihang University

17:00 17:10

Design a rainwater harvesting system for water resource saving and

flood avoidance simultaneously.

Mr. Senchen HUANG, Tsinghua University

17:10 17:20

Experience in the Design and Thoughts of Tourism Cultural & Creative

Product for Qingyang District of Chengdu 

Dr. Xin LI, Southwest Jiaotong University

17:20 17:30

Block-type residential area planning study under the view of

social-space theory

Ms. Xiyue LI, Chongqing University

17:30 17:40

A Learning Support Tool for Building Modeling Based on Building Form 

Regulations and Solar Energy Generation Potential on Roof

Mr. Hangyu CHEN, Kanazawa University

17:40 17:50

Ceramic Art at Southwest Jiaotong University

Dr. Yongliang WANG, Southwest Jiaotong University

17:50 18:15

Closing Speech:

Prof. Brian Pai,

National Chengchi University

The analysis of Bicycle-using of Taipei based on big data

The afternoon is free from 18:15 to be used at your leisure

19:30 ~21:00

Workshop Dinner

Please meet by 18:45 for dinner.



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