2016 No3 Workshop on Urban Planning and Management (April, June, 2016 Kanazawa)

Invited Speakers


Evaluating the Impacts of Major Urban and Sustainability Polices in China

16:00-17:30,  April, 29 2016

2C720, Natural Science and Technology Hall 2, Kanazawa University

(Seminar Chair: Mitsuhiko KAWAKAMI, Kanazawa University)


Dr. Zheng Siqi

Professor and Director, Hang Lung Center for Real Estate

Deputy Head, Department of Construction Management Tsinghua University

Associate Editor, Journal of Economic Surveys, 2014~present

Associate Editor, Journal of Housing Economics, 2009~present

Associate Editor, International Real Estate Review, 2008~present.



Urban Planning in the New Society

June, 14 2016

Natural Science and Technology Hall, Kanazawa University




Dr. Haoying HAN

Professor and Director, Institute of Planning Theories and Technologies  

Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Zhejiang University

Associate Editor, Journal of Urban Management,

Workshop Chairman

Prof. Zhenjiang SHEN, Kanazawa University


Scientific committees

Prof. Mitsuhiko, KAWAKAMI, Kanazawa university

Prof. Guangwei HUANG, Sophia University

Prof. HONJYO, Tsuyoshi, Chiba University

Prof. SUGIHARA, Kenichi, GIfukeizai University



Mr. Ninglong YOU

E-Mail: YNL49046188@gmail.com


For Registration

Please contact with Mr.  Ninglong YOU.

E-Mail: YNL49046188@gmail.com


Workshop Program June 13-15 2016, Kanazawa


Presenters Topics
Shu Xianfan A Self-adjusting Approach to Identify Urban Commercial Hotspot
Ma Qiwei Method of Delimiting Urban Growth Boundary: Green Infrastructure Assessment and A Case Study of Hangzhou
Lin Liyun Study on Amount Control of City Construction Land Based on Scenario Planning
Sheng Jun Research on the Relevance between Land-based High-speed Traffic Trunk and the Rank-size Distribution of City in China
Wang Bing Evaluation of Ecosystem Services Based on the LUCC: Case Study in Danjiangkou Water Conservation Area, China
Wang Can Consumer Behavior in Commercial Complex: Simulation Models and Planning Implications 
Huang Kuanhua A Study on Risk Assessment Mechanism for Transportation Critical Infrastructure Protection