2013 workshop on urban planning and management, Kanazawa (Feb.18-20, 2013)

Low Carbon City in Chinese Cities

Standards and indicators are important for measuring carbon performance of a city. How to account for carbon emitted when activities and services are consumed in locations is a key issue in urban area. Furthermore, the investigation on relationship between carbon emitted in a city and its underlying drivers – population, economic structure, energy source, transport and built infrastructure, and urban services – is complicated. This complexity makes it especially hard to evaluate planning alternatives for low carbon city. Nevertheless a low-carbon city is a sustainable, efficient, livable, and developing indicators for evaluating a city’s sustainable development objective are widely concerned in the world.

2013 workshop program
Feb. 18-19
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Program Commitee

Prof. ZJ SHEN, Kanazawa University

Prof. M. Kawakami, Kanazawa University 

Dr. Y. MA, Kanazawa University

Prof. Guangwei HUANG, Sophia University

Prof. Jiahua CHEN, Fudan University

Assoc. Prof. Kyungrock YE, Chiba University

Prof. Kenichi SUGIHARA, Gifu Keizai University 



Mr. Yunfeng LI, email: lyf.ksc@gmail.com



Technical Tour (Feb. 18)

Housing Park in Kanazawa

Future Library of UMI in Kanazawa

Maeda Temple  



Workshop Program (Feb.19)

Keynote Speeches

Gao Xiaolu, Ji Jue and Wang Fang

Spatial Pattern of Transportation Carbon Emission by Behavior Zones: Evidence from Beijing, China


Weihua ZENG

Analysis of CO2 emission based on transportation - A case study of Beijing 



Integrating low-carbon concept in urban planning: the experiences and lessons in Xiamen, China


Yongling LI, Wangtu XU, Hui WANG and Yuan LI

Transit-oriented Development: Review, Recent Advance and the Practices in China


Yuan Li, Lang He, Wangtu Xu, Hui Wang and Zizhang He

The study on spatial variation in housing price of Xiamen city based on GIS and Hedonic 


Pai Jen-Te and Huang Yong-Han

The Travel Behavior Change of the Residents of Transit Jointed Development in Metro Area of Taipei


Kuanghui PENG

The Application of Vertical Greening to Urban Rehabilitation and Maintenance



Application of Vertical Greening for Landscape Beautification in Taipei



A Study on the carbon footprint of FRP bridge



The Evaluation of Applying Vertical Greening for Buildings in Taiwan




Student Forum

Yunfeng LI, Yan MA and Zhenjiang SHEN

coming soon...


Danming ZHANG, Zhenjiang SHEN and Anrong DANG

The potential and feasibility of solar power generation to meet the demand of household electricity consumption in Chinese cities


Yuliang YANG, Zhenjiang SHEN and Xin JIN

Ecological indusrtrial park in China: Policy, current issue and future 



Green City Planning and Design Approach for Global Warming Anticipatory in Indonesia


Xuefei LI and Zhenjiang SHEN

Environment Design of Affordable Housing by the Green Buliding Standard —A Case study in Tianjin, China


Miaomiao HAN and Zhenjiang SHEN

Green design and buildabel space in Japan


Phuong Thanh and Zhenjiang SHEN

Review on design guideline for smart grid system in urban district in North American and European countries



The Green Construction Standard as an inspection standard for design the Environment of Affordable Housing Residential area

Workshop Venue