The Pre-International workshop on urban governance on mountain city area   for SPSD2017, Nov 17-19, 2015 Chongqing

   Urban and Rural governance is facing increasingly complex problems and difficulties with the deepening of China's urbanization. Also, urbanization in Mountain areas is facing increasingly complex situation of Urban and Rural Governance, because of the ecological sensitivity, geopolitical situation, social-economic environment and multicultural background features in Mountain Areas. It is very important how to explore new ways and ideas of Urban and Rural Governance under the background of new-type urbanization at present day and to discuss new paths and solutions facing the urbanization in Mountain Areas. 

  In order to strengthen international cooperation and exchanges in the field of Urban and Rural governance in Mountain areas, Chongqing University will join Graduate School of Kanazawa University in Japan and SPSD community, in organizing International symposium of Urban and Rural governance in Mountain areas, from 17th to 19th of November, in 2015.

Prof. Kyung-jin ZOH,

National Seoul University

SPSD Chairman2017

He made a presentation in this pre-workshop

Honor Chairman

John Chien-yuan LIN, PhD, Emeritus Prof. Taiwan University 


Heping LI, PhD, Prof. Vice Dean, Chongqing University


Zhenjiang SHEN, PhD, Prof. Kanazawa University 



Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Chongqing university

Key Laboratory of New Technology for Construction of Cities in Mountain Area

Graduate School of Environmental Sciences, Kanazawa University.

International Community of Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development (SPSD).


Local Committee

Chunlan DU, PhD, Dean, Chongqing University

Peifeng YANG, PhD, Prof. Chongqing University

Ling HUANG, PhD, Associate, Prof. Chongqing University

Lili YANG, Chongqing University

Workshop Program 18 Nov., 2015

Opening ceremony (9:00-9:10)

Session Chair

    Heping LI, PhD, Prof. Vice Dean, Chongqing University.

Opening Speech

    Chunlan DU, PhD, Dean, Chongqing University.


Workshop I (9:10 ~ 12:00)

Session Chair

    Prof. Zhenjiang Shen, Kanazawa University Graduate School of Environmental Sciences.

Invited Speakers

    Prof. Wangmin ZHAO, Chongqing University

    Prof. Kuanghui PENG, SPSD Chairman.  

    Prof. Jimmy Leung, Hong Kong University.

    Prof. Peifeng YANG, Chongqing University.

    Prof. Kyung-Jin Zoh, Seoul National University 


Workshop II (14:00 ~ 17:00)

Session Chair 

     Heping LI, PhD, Prof. Vice Dean, Chongqing University

Invited Speakers

    Prof. Brain PAI,  Chengchi University

    Prof. Zhenjiang Shen, Kanazawa University

    Prof. Ling Huang, Chongqing University

    Dr.Jun Yu (Wang Yue to be determined), Chongqing Urban Planning Institute.


Panel Discussion (17:00 ~ 17:30)


     Heping LI, PhD, Prof. Vice Dean, Chongqing University


Closing Ceremony (17:30 ~  17:40)

     Director, International Exchange Section, Chongqing University

Excursion 19 Nov., 2015

     Field survey. Dazu region 

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