Pre-forum of SPSD2017

Better City and Happy Life March17th– 19th 2016, Fuzhou Uiversity, Fuzhou


Aim of the Workshop


This workshop will give a chance for researchers to share their experiences and ideas with each other for eco-city research and techniques to green city and the challenge of improving urban landscape through urban planning and design. Specifically we are interested in exploring new perspectives about how to use the Big Data  for better city and happy life based on multi-disciplinary perspectives and  practical projects.


 Supported by

School of Architecture

Fuzhou University 



Dr. Yan MA, Fuzhou University

TEL: 0086-131-2344650      E-Mail: 


 Mr. Yong LIN.

    TEL: 0086-135-9997-8183







Gather in Hotel Lobby

  08:00 – 08:40

 bus to Fuzhou University

  09:00 09:50

SPSD Committee Meeting

  09:50 10:00

Opening Ceremony

Session 1, Mediator: Prof. SHEN Zhenjiang,

Kanazawa University

 10:00 – 10:30

New Urbanization and “Establishment of Spatial Planning System”

Prof. MAO, Tsinghua University

 10:30 – 11:00

Urban Park Use : Diversification of Participation Programs for Citizens,

Prof.Seung-Hong An, Hankyung National University

 11:00 11:30

The Story of China-USA on city block and forms: A tale of two countries,

Prof. ZHANGMing, University of Texas at Austin

 11:30 12:00

Renaissance of Seoul: Transformation of Public Place,

Prof. Kyung-Jin ZOH, Hankyung National University

12:00 13:00


Session 2,  Mediator: Prof. ZHANG Ming,

University of Texas at Austin

13:30 14:00

Planning Strategy and  Support in Kanazawa City-Recent Practice,

Prof. SHEN Zhenjiang, Kanazawa University

14:00 14:30

Potentials and Challenges of urban agriculture to make green life in the City,

Prof. Yong-hoon SON, Hankyung National University

14:30 15:00

Planning Strategy for Valley Management in Face of Flooding Disaster

Prof. PaiRende, National Chengchi University, Taiwan

Rest 10 minutes

Session 3, Mediator: Prof. PaiRende,

National Chengchi University

15:00 15:30

Maker Space in Urban China,

Prof. ZHEN Feng, Nanjing University

15:40 16:20

Beijing City Lab and Its Effort on Understanding the Chinese Environment Pollution,

Prof. LONG Ying, Tsinghua University

16:20 16:50

Human Activities Map——Analysis Platform for Chinese Temporal-

Spatial Behavior,

Mr. MAOMingrui, Beijing Municipal Institute of City Planning Design

16:50 17:20

The Service Area of Urban Green Space and Its Accessibility in Chinese Mega Cities,

Dr. MA Yan, Fuzhou University

18:00 back to hotel and dinner party