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Support visa application

All invitation letters and acceptence letters have been sent to your email address used for submission, please check your email box carefully. 

If you need a hard copy of a conference letter in English for visa application, please contact with us via the following form to send your detailed information.

If any special requirement, please let us know by filling in the "Message" blank. 

For participants from China

The visa support email was sent on the 11st May. Once again, we remind you to follow our instructions:

1)Fill out the form on web site Support Visa Application ( to send your detailed information.

2)Finish the Documents to be Submitted by Japanese Inviting Organization(日方邀请单位应提交的材料) required by Japanese Embassy in China of short-term business visa(

Fill in the fields of all folllowing documents, including

  • 1.Letterofreasonforinvitation(招へい理由書)
  • 2.Letterofguaranteeofidentity(身元保証書)
  • 3.TravelItinerary(滞在予定表)


3)Prepare the following documents and information:

  • 1.Passport
  • 2.Certificate of employment
  • 3.Postal address


4)Send all the document sprepared in 2) and 3) to, including:

  • 1.Letter of reason for invitation (with applicant’s information filled in)
  • 2.Letter of guarantee of identity(with applicant’s information filled in)
  • 3.Travel Itinerary (with detailed information filled in)
  • 4.Passport
  • 5.Certificate of employment
  • 6.Postal address (provided in text in the body of the email)


Once we have confirmed your conference registration, visa application information and documents, we will provide the documents as follows:

1.Letter of reason for invitation(招へい理由書)

2.Letter of guarantee of identity(身元保証書)

3.Documents related to the inviting organization-Certificate of Employment(招へい機関に関する資料—在職証明書)

To ensure a smooth visa application process and avoid any delays, we kindly request that you submit the required documents to the before 5p.m. 28 May.

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.