International Conference 2023 on Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development, Aug. 2023 Kanazawa University, Japan

How to open up the post-corona era? ―Towards sustainable development (tentative title)


Dr. Yoshitsugu HAYASHI

Distinguished Professor

Center for Sustainable Development and Global Smart City, Chubu University

Member of The Engineering Academic of Japan  

Multi-source big data based research on Urban environment and human health in Wuhan magecity region for sustainable development


Dr. Qingming ZHAN

Distinguished Professor

Vice dean, School of Urban Design,

Director, Research Centre for Digital City,

Wuhan University

Time Geography of Health Behavior and Empirical Evidence in Beijing


Dr.Yanwei CHAI 


Department of Urban and Economic Geography

College of Urban and Environmental Sciences

Peking University

Japanese Experiences and Implications in Healthcare and Urban Planning for Ageing in Place


Dr. Tsuya NISHINO 

Head Professor

Division of Geoscience and Civil Engineering

Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology

Kanazawa University