International Conference 2021 on Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development,  V-conference program, Nov. 25-27

SPSD2021 will be hosted as online conference by Nanjing University, kanazawa University, Sophia University, Seoul National University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Chengchi University, Tadulakko University.  After confirmation of the participants' registration, we have finally opened our V-conference program

Please click the following button to check all sessions, and your presentation room and time. 

Online conference rooms

If you cannot access YouTube, please click hereSlack Workspace for SPSD2021

Main Venue of SPSD2021

Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei Venues of SPSD2021 

Palu Venue of SPSD2021

Manchester Venue of SPSD2021

CST - Chinese Standard Time

JST - Japanese Standard Time ( 1 hour after Chinese Standard Time)

WITA -  Central Indonesian Time (The same with Chinese Standard Time)

GMT - Greenwich Mean Time (8 hours before Chinese Standard Time)