International Virtual Conference 2020 on Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development, Online, Feb.5-7.2021

Proceeding of SPSD2020-VC
Lockdown Urbanism

The ongoing pandemic has led to more than 100 million of confirmed cases and 2.16 million deaths of people globally (up to late January 2021). A variety of health and well-being issues resulting from the largest scale lockdown in the 21st century have addressed emerging global challenges for urban sustainability and smart city development: how to creatively design local neighbourhood and home in response to changing lifestyles? How to smartly design digital and social infrastructure to support individual adaption to changed life-styles? How urban governance and smart city deal with a variety of social, spatial and information inequalities? The multi-disciplinary and international discussion and debates on these timely questions help rethink the planning and governance of healthy city in the uncertain contexts.

V-Conference Organisers
Jianquan CHENG, Manchester Metropolitan University
Guangwei HUANG, Sophia University
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