Opening Ceremony & Keynote Speech of SPSD 2013

Welcome speeches 

2013-08-31, 08:30am—08:40am


Welcome Speech from Tsinghua University

Prof. Qizhi MAO, School of Architecture


Former SPSD Chairman

Welcome Speech from Kanazawa University

Prof. Mitsuhiko KAWAKAMI

Kawakami Laboratory for Urban Planning & Design

Keynote Speeches

2013-08-31, 08:50am—10:20am

Keynote Speech from Chinese Academy of Sciences

Prof. Jie FAN, Director, Key Laboratory of Regional Sustainable Development Modeling, Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources

New Trends in the spatial pattern of urban areas in the Bohai-Rim region with a focus on resource and environmental impacts

Keynote Speech from Simon Fraser University

Professor Suzana DRAGICEVIC, Department of Geography

Complexity and Computational Intelligence for Modeling Land Use Dynamics

Keynote Speech from Taipei University of Technology

Prof. Kuang-Hui PENG, Institute of Architecture & Urban Design

The Use of Vertical Greening to Urban Rehabilitation for Improving Sustainable Environment