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We are planning to publish special issues with some international journals, such as PPR, IJSSoc , IJSSS,  and IRSPSD International


New International Journal of our SPSD community

International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development

(IRSPSD International) , SPSD Press from 2010

ISSN 2187-3666 (Online) 


For investigation regarding the impact of planning policy on spatial planning implementation, International Community of Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development (SPSD) seeks to learn from researchers in an integrated multidisciplinary platform that reflects a variety of perspectives—such as economic development, social equality, and ecological protection—with a view to achieving a sustainable urban form.


This international journal attempts to provide insights into the achievement of a sustainable urban form, through spatial planning and implementation; here, we focus on planning experiences at the levels of local cities and some metropolitan areas in the wolrd, particularly in Asian countries. Submission are expected from multidisciplinary viewpoints encompassing land-use patterns, housing development, transportation, green design, and agricultural and ecological systems.

Planning Practice & Research, Taylor and Francis Group (EI)

 ISSN 0269-7459 (Print),  1360-0583 (Online)

Over the last decade, Planning Practice & Research (PPR) has established itself as the source for information on current research in planning practice. It is intended for reflective, critical academics, professionals and students who are concerned to keep abreast of and challenge current thinking.

PPR is committed to:
  • bridging the gaps between planning research, practice and education, and between different planning systems
  • providing a forum for an international readership to discuss and review research on planning practice
  • the critical evaluation of practice and the progressive search for practical guidance
  • presenting research in an accessible, succinct style, not overly theoretical, but analytical

PPR has carried articles on aspects of many different planning systems around the world. There is an increasing need to address research on planning practice and education on an international and comparative basis. Over the coming years PPR will be encouraging submission of further articles exploring the distinctive features of planning practice and policy in different countries. Thus PPR will meet the demand for a transnational exchange of ideas on planning systems and practice.

PPR builds into a significant resource base for practitioners, researchers, teachers and students.


International Journal of Sustainable Society, Inderscience (SCOPUS)

ISSN online: 1756-2546 ISSN print: 1756-2538

The impacts of society touch everyone. They may be considerable, even critical. Societal problems, especially those remaining unchecked and unmanaged, can weaken, threaten, or even destroy, society. Production produces pollution; medication generates side-effects; pesticide causes poisoning; innovation can lead to unemployment, etc.IJSSoc deals not only with whether modern society should be sustainable, but also the ways in which this could/should come about, balancing economic development/environmental protection, real aggregate demand/aggregate supply, human beings/nature, consumption/preservation, material/spiritual pleasures, civil liberty/self-restraint, hedonism/practicality, science/society.

International Journal of Social Systems Science, Inderscience

ISSN online: 1756-252X ISSN print: 1756-2511

Society faces many significant challenges: pollution, poverty, pain, terrorism, crime, greenhouse effect, war, disease, starvation, road accidents, inflation/deflation, unemployment, pornography, great suffering, ignorance, pesticide poisoning, falsehood, etc. It could be argued that scientists have spent too much time on many not-so-urgent issues and too little effort on these challenges. IJSSS addresses the barriers between: social and natural sciences, theory and applications, hard decision models and soft ones, different business disciplines, government and industry, ivory tower and real society.