Lecture Preview: How to Form a Research Essay: Aspects from an Internationally Refereed Journal Editor

Synopsis: Writing and submitting essays is a significant step in the process of research and study, while the information gap between researchers and editors might create unexpected difficulties. How to convert a study into a series of qualified research essays? What are the characteristics of articles that are favored by editors? Will there be any special requirements for international journals? Questions like these will be answered by the editor from an internationally refereed journal, she will share her information and experience about article writing and submitting, help researchers or students to avoid setbacks before publication. In the eyes of an editor, excellent articles tend to have some qualities in common, so tips will be given in improving an article before you submit it to a journal. Positive examples and not-to-dos from editorial offices will also be shown in the lecture. 

This lecture should be beneficial for doctor or master candidates who would like to publish articles in international journals, it is also appropriate for researchers who have the need for writing or submitting articles.


Lecturer: Jingjing WANG, 

Editor of International Review for spatial design and sustainable development


Time: May 5, 2022, 14:00-15:30 (JST)

If you would like to join this seminar, please contact with spsdpress@gmail.com