SPSD MeetingVR 2022 - Coordinated evolution and development Among Bay Areas

Scientific Commission

Dr. RIFAI, Tadulako University

Dr. TAN Rongji, Zhuhai Fudan Innovation Institute

Dr. TENG Riendy, Cross-strait Tsinghua Research Institute

Dr. ZHANG Lei, Shenzhen Talents Housing Group Co., Ltd

Dr. ZHOU Long, City University of Macau

Dr. YANG Jing, Macou Urban Planning Association


Prof. LAU Stephen Siu Yu, Shenzhen University

Prof. HUANG Guangwei, Sohpia University

Prof. PAI Brain, Chengchi University

Prof. SHEN Zhenjiang, Kanazawa University

Prof. SU Hailong, Fudan University

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Conference Secretary

Ms. WANG Jean, Editor of IRSPSD International

Chaired by

Prof. SU hailong 

Commission on Spatial Planning and Pratice, SPSD


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