SPSD MeetingVR 2022 - Coordinated evolution and development Among Bay Areas


The bay area is like a bridge that connects the continent to the overseas and the other parts over the globe. It can also be a bond that combines cities and regions into agglomerations or networks. Prosper economic growth and social development tend to be generated when a bay area is well planned and developed. In the era of globalization, how to plan for a coordinated and synergetic development in bay areas can be strategically necessary for a country. From the aspect of spatial planning and land use, unique urban planning strategies and land management policies in bay areas around the world can be great experience and wealth. A bay area involves a series of cities and towns around, therefore, the land use patterns, the spatial distribution and economic growth in these places are inevitable connected, that is the reason we call for coordinated evolution and development among bay areas. 

     For coordinated evolution, it is about the precious experience gained from the process of developing a bay area. Related cities may be governed by a series of targeted policies, undergo a similar transformation of spatiotemporal patterns, witness the updating of transportation and contributing for the same establishment of infrastructure. 

      For coordinated development, we’d like to see the outlook of a bay area after the efforts of cooperation among cities. It calls for innovative developing modes and exploration for polycentric pattern and city networks. The outcome of coordinated development can even be simulated through analysis based on history and experiences.

       In the context of co-constructing the Maritime Silk Road/ global economic integrating, the researches on bay areas worth more concerns and attentions. Thus, the International Community of Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development will hold the 2022 International MeetingVR on the Coordinated evolution and development Among Bay Areas, to share the latest views and outcomes from related studies.


Scope & Topic

We concern about the developing process and strategies in the bay areas, and also in the similarly featured coastal cities. Insightful ideas on promoting the coordinated development in these places are also welcomed. The topics include but are not limited to the following:

 Policy analysis and governance experience

 Coastal City networks

 Transportation accessibility and models

 Regional growth and development

 Spatiotemporal patterns change and influence

 Economic development and planning

 Synergetic industrial development

 Land evolution

 Low carbon development

 Cross-border cooperation

 Coordination effectiveness

 Spatiotemporal patterns change and influence

 Coastal-Terrestrial relationship

 Coastal Resilience for Disaster Risk Reduction


Call for paper

You are cordially invited to present your work by submitting an full-length paper. The official language of the symposium is English. Please submit your title, abstract and keywords in English (No word limit). In addition, presenter’s photo and biography in English should be included (See template). Please use the registration form to submit your abstract or paper.

   After the meeting, a review process will be conducted and high-quality research recognized by academic committee will be accepted to publish with International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development (ESCI, SCOPUS, Geobase).

Registration (Coming soon)

If you are a presenter or a participant, please use our registration page to registration.

200 $USD/ per participant 



After registration, you can choose to participate the meeting in either one of the following approaches:

Workrooms meetingVR system (Oculus Quest 2 is needed, you can get the access to the virtual-real meeting through the MeetingVR Workrooms system)

Workrooms PC system (You can get the access to the virtual-real meeting through the Workrooms PC system)

 Zoom us meeting (You can see the real-time video of the meeting shared by system, you can also make presentations through Zoom system)


Important dates

The meeting is now in the process of calling submissions of original and innovative papers.

Full Paper: August 15, 2022

Author Notification: September 15, 2022

VR instrument Ready: September 15, 2022

Registration: July 15, 2022

Main Conference: October 27-29, 2022


MeetingVR Commission

Dr. TAN Rongji, Zhuhai Fudan Innovation Institute,

Dr. ZHOU Long, City University of Macau,

Dr. ZHANG Lei, Shenzhen Talents Housing Group Co., Ltd,

Dr. YANG Jing, Macou Urban Planning Association

Dr. RIFAI, Tadulako University

Prof. LIU Shaoyu, Shenzhen University

Prof. HUANG Guangwei, Sohpia University

Prof. PAI Brain, Chengchi University

Prof. SHEN Zhenjiang, Kanazawa University

Coming Soon....


Conference Secretary

Ms. WANG Jean, Editor of IRSPSD International

Fuzhou University 


Publication information

Accepted and presented conference paper will be published in meeting proceedings, and submitted to IRSPSD International indexed in major citation databases like EI Geobase, Web of Science and Scopus databases. Selected papers can be recommended to submit to journals for publication after significant extension.

        Authors are required to assign all copyrights in the work to the Society, who then publish the work under the Creative Commons: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) International license.