International Conference 2019 on Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development Aug. 30 - Sept. 1, 2019, Chiba University, Japan

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SPSD2019 Conference Chairman

Prof. Tsuyoshi Honjo, Chiba University


SPSD2019 Conference Vice Chairman

Prof. Katsunori Furuya, Chiba University

Assoc. Prof. Noriko Akita, Chiba University 

Assoc. Prof. Takeshi Kinoshita, Chiba University

Assoc. Prof. Umeki, Kiyoshi,  Chiba University


Local Committee Members

Tomohiko Ihara (Tokyo University)
Isami Kinoshita (Chiba University)
Tatsuaki Kobayashi (Chiba University)
Akihiko Kondo (Chiba University)
Hajime Matsushita (Hokkaido University)
Toru Mitani (Chiba University)
Makoto Nakayoshi (Tokyo University of Science)
Shiho Onomura (Tokyo University of Science)
Ryosuke Shimoda (Chiba University)
Zhenjiang SHEN (Kanazawa University)
Terumasa Takahashi (Chiba University)
Junhua ZHANG (Chiba University)
Misato Uehara (Shinshu University)
Toru Terada (Tokyo University)

SPSD2019 conference Chair
Prof. Tsuyoshi Honjyo,
Chiba University