New Journal : Asian Transport Studies


Asian Transport Studies (ATS) is an international journal published under the supervision of the Eastern Asia Society of Transportation Studies (EASTS), which was founded in 1994 ( EASTS is an international cooperative society of researchers and practitioners from the Asian region, with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Its primary objectives are to foster and support excellence in transportation research and practice and to stimulate professional interchanges in all aspects and modes of transportation. It organizes an international conference on transportation studies once every two years.

Asian Transport Studies aims at providing useful insights into solving Asia-specific transport-related issues from both theoretical and practical perspectives. It treats all types of transport modes and all issues in transport sector. Even though papers dealing with the Asia-specific issues are especially welcome, other papers related to transportation studies are also within the scope of this journal.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Akimasa FUJIWARA
    Professor, Hiroshima University, Japan
  • Consulting Editors
    Kyung Soo CHON
    Professor, Seoul National University, Korea
    President, Eastern Asia Society of Transportation Studies (EASTS)
    Hitoshi, IEDA
    Professor, The University of Tokyo, Japan
    Chair, International Scientific Committee of EASTS
  • Associate Editor
    Junyi ZHANG
    Associate Professor, Hiroshima University, Japan