International Community of Spatial Planning and Sustainable development


Smart Planning and Digital Governance


Planning and developing smart cities have become a global effort. The development of smart cities is important to improving the level of sustainability of cities and is critical for promoting cities’ inclusive growth and sustainable development. Rapid developments in the new generation of information and communication technologies, including big data, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, have significantly changed how people understand urban economy, society, culture, ecology, security, infrastructure, and space. New data, perspectives and methods have also emerged that further promote the innovation of smart planning. At the same time, the wide applications of smart technologies in the fields of urban resource and environmental operation, public safety and emergency management, infrastructure management, mobility management, building management will help the achievement of digital governance and increase the capabilities of urban governance.



SPSD Chairman

On behalf of International Community

of Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development

SPSD Chairman



Feng, ZHEN, PhD, Professor
Nanjing University

Co-Chairmen of SPSD2021 Online and Onsite Hybrid Conference

Guangwei Huang

PhD, Prof. Sophia University

Brian PAI

PhD, Prof.

Chengchi university

Yong-hoon SON 

Assoc. Prof.

Seoul National University 


Reader Manchester Metropolitan University

Fitriaty PUTERI




Guangliang XI

PhD, Assoc. Prof. Nanjing University



PhD, Assoc, Prof. 

Nanjing University

Ming  LI

PhD, Prof.

Dalian University of Technology


PhD, Assoc. Prof.

Tsinghua University